Dominican Republic (Project Closed April 2013)

Population: 10 million
Total TB cases notified (2009): 4442
Treatment Success Rate for new smear-positive TB cases (2008): 75%


Country Details

The Dominican Republic is a country which occupies just over the eastern two-thirds of the Spanish in the Greater Antilles archipelago. The western third of the island is occupied by Haiti, therefore, the Spanish is an island that is shared by two countries. Both of area and population, the Dominican Republic is the second largest country in the Caribbean (after Cuba), its land area is 48,442 square kilometers. Bordered on the north by the Atlantic Ocean, south to the Caribbean or Caribbean Sea, east by the Mona Passage, which separates it from Puerto Rico, and west by the Republic of Haiti.

TB Situation

In the Dominican Republic, the National Tuberculosis Control (NPTC) is based on the use of scientific rationality, technical and fundamental bioethical principle for extending coverage to all nationwide DOTS/TAES.

Implementing the strategy requires the fulfillment of its five basic components: political, unified and standardized schemes shortened treatment and retreatment, regular supply of drugs and laboratory supplies, diagnosis by observation of sputum, culture, identification and PS with a single notification and registration of cases.

By 2010 only identified the 48.48% of the expected SR, whichever is 70%, of which only 90% were examined for a total of 55.711 SR Of these, 2694 were positive for a 4.83% patients. if we observe the fact that only about half were identified than expected, that only leaves half of the cases found by the identification of symptomatic individuals presenting to health services to demand attention to any level.

Already in the study of cases, achieving an incidence of 3640 cases of tuberculosis for a rate of 36.83, with a prevalence of 4160 cases, achieving a rate of 42.1. must acknowledge the great efforts of health facilities, to decrease mortality from tuberculosis in our country, so that ended this year there were 119 deaths, a rate of 1.2. We identified 10 cases of meningeal tuberculosis and extra-pulmonary cases of 578, 547 and 108 cases of co-infection drugs resistant tuberculosis cases.

In assessing the completion of treatment of cases which began in 2009, we anticipate that success was achieved in the treatment of tuberculosis of 83.61% for those cases who started treatment with a diagnosis of pulmonary TB smear positive print, and a 70.97% for those who entered with the same diagnosis


TB Mural - Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic project created several key items:
Fotovoces (Photovoices) is a project in the Dominican Republic which aims to uncover the the human face of TB. Using photography and accompanying text, TB patients express their feelings and experiences, whilst driving both education and discussion on the subject of Tuberculosis. Selected photos can be seen in the form of a slideshow, which is available in English and Spanish. There is also a publication which covers the process of creating the Fotovoces which can be downloaded here (Spanish).