TB CARE I Global

As well as working in many individual countries, TB CARE I also undertakes many projects which are global in nature. These are known as Core Projects and of the 28 projects slated for the first year of TB CARE I (2011) 61% of them are complete. The details of each individual project by technical area are noted below along with links to any which have tangible deliverables.

Current Status of TB CARE I Core Projects

  • Universal and Early Access
  • Two regional workshops were implemented where the five tools of the Patient-Centered Approach Package were introduced. Cambodia, Indonesia, Mozambique and Nigeria selected 2-3 tools each to implement in Year 2.
  • Laboratories
  • A practical handbook for the development of a national laboratory strategy was developed.
  • A draft tool for conducting lab network assessments was developed; piloting and training will take place in Year 2.
  • TB CARE themes and outcome indicators were established for all technical areas with guidance from the Advisory Groups.
  • 42 consultants (36 TB CARE I - funded) were trained to provide quality technical assistance for Global Fund Round 11 proposal development.
  • Laboratory accreditation toolbox and templates have been drafted (available on the GLI website: www.GLIquality.org).
  • The document "Rapid Implementation of the Xpert MTB/RIF diagnostic test - Technical and Operational ‘How-to’ Practical considerations." has been developed.
  • The GLI assessment tool has been revised and is available on both the GLI and TB CARE I websites.
  • The World Health Organization has accepted the Benin National Reference Laboratory as a candidate Supranational Reference Laboratory.
  • Infection Control
  • Guides on monitoring active TB incidence among health care workers (HCWs) and conducting TB prevalence surveys among HCWs have been drafted and will be finalized in Year 2.
  • A core TB-IC package was agreed to and finalized (TB CARE I and II collaboration).
  • Training and mentored field visits - Twelve participants were trained and became official TB-IC consultants; 9 (target) completed mentored field visits.
  • PMDT
  • A meeting took place to discuss and troubleshoot challenges faced by technical collaboration centers (TCCs) for PMDT. NTPs, TCCs and partner organizations participated.
  • TB/HIV
  • The “TB Infection Control at the Community Level” training handbook and the "Simplified Checklist for TB Infection Control" were developed.
  • Health Systems Strengthening
  • Action plans on HRD are in place for six NTPs that participated in a virtual HRD training program (Afghanistan (2), Ghana, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Uganda).
  • Workplans - Civil society organizations (CSOs) in Nigeria (4) and Indonesia (4) have developed and are implementing their TB control activity plans (continuing in Year 2).
  • M&E, OR and Surveillance
  • Action plans on HRD are in place for six NTPs that participated in a virtual HRD training program (Afghanistan (2), Ghana, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Uganda).
  • Overarching Elements
  • Two evaluation missions for CORE Group (a coordinating body of US-borne private voluntary organizations) were implemented in India and Malawi.