TB CARE I Vacancies

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation - Young Scholar Program

Locations - The Hague and in two of our country offices, either Addis Ababa, Hanoi, Almaty, Windhoek, Jakarta, or Abuja.

KNCV is starting a young scholarship program with the recruitment of one young professional. This program is part of several KNCV initiatives that are designed to foment the exchange of ideas between seasoned clinicians and researchers and up and coming professionals who bring complementary talents to our organization and to our field. The scholarship program will give the young professional (you?) an opportunity to work for one year with senior professionals based in the different KNCV offices and with KNCV partner organizations. You will learn on the job to develop key competencies of a TB control professional. In turn, you will bring in fresh ideas and critical questions and thus inspire your KNCV colleagues. You will also communicate within KNCV and with the outside world on the knowledge you gather about TB control and KNCV’s work.