The Program Management Unit (PMU) which is situated within the KNCV offices located in The Hague, The Netherlands, is responsible for overseeing program implementation and day-to-day management of all TB CARE I projects. It facilitates project implementation by different Coalition partners and keeps all partners informed about progress made. Whilst each coalition partner is responsible for the implementation of the projects assigned to that organization, it is the task of the PMU to facilitate the development, preparation and approval of the work plans, transfer of funds and monitor progress.

The PMU is the coalitions’ prime contact with the AOTR of USAID Washington and the regional bureaus.

PMU Organogram

The TB CARE I program management unit has the following organizational structure, please click on a circle for the full member of staff details.

Agreement Officers Technical Representative (AOTR)

The AOTR for TB CARE I is Nicholas Enrich from USAID in Washington

Strategic Management Board (SMB)

The strategic Management Board is comprised of one person from each partner organization in the TB CARE I coalition

DirectorProgram Director

Maarten van Cleeff, has more than 25 years of proven, effective leadership and management of TB control programs in developing and transitioning countries.

He combines extensive expertise in the management of complex programs with advanced technical knowledge of TB control. He served as the TB CAP Project Director and also led its predecessor, TBCTA, from October 2002 onwards.

He has been responsible for directing and managing efforts to strengthen TB control in more than 35 countries in collaboration with a wide range of partners and stakeholders.

He was an international public health consultant with the Royal Netherlands Tropical Institute (KIT). He began his international career in TB control in 1981 as a regional coordinator for Tanzania’s National TB and Leprosy Program and also worked for the MOH’s Central Unit.

In Tanzania, he was active in implementing short-course chemotherapy, which became the model for global TB control and later became known as DOTS.

Dr. van Cleeff is a member of numerous international TB panels, working groups and organizations, and has served as President of the Stakeholders Association of the TB Alliance.


PMU Secretary

Marja de Zwaan is the Secretary for the Program Management Unit


Deputy Director - Operations/M&E

Ersin Topcuoglu is a Monitoring & Evaluation and Knowledge Exchange (M&E and KE) expert with nearly 25 years of experience in public health and health program design and evaluation.

He has designed and implemented M&E systems for national and local TB, HIV and family planning programs in more than 25 developing countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

As the Team leader for M&E and KE, he has the primary responsibility for developing and maintaining the program-wide M&E system, contribute to building country M&E capacity, and overseeing M&E-related technical areas. Dr. Topcuoglu holds an MD from Cumhuriyet University in Turkey and an MPH from Harvard University.


Deputy Director - Technical Services

Jeroen Van Gorkom has 30 years hands-on experience in TB control.

In 1996 he joined KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation as a senior consultant.

He has consulted for KNCV, WHO, World Bank, UNAIDS, TB CAP, TB CARE in: Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia and Latin America.

He is the author of various manuals and guidelines written for the TB program in Kenya.

He is the main and co-author of various peer-reviewed scientific publications, posters, presentations at conferences, seminars, and symposia.

He is main or co-author (writing committee) or various publications by WHO and the Stop-TB Partnership on TB/HIV in his membership of the Stop-TB TB/HIV Core Group. in 2013 he was elected as Vice Chair of The Union HIV Section.


Team Leader - Finance

Rosanne van Halm has worked for KNCV Tuberculosis foundation for over six years.

A year after graduating in 2003 as a bachelor in Economics she started working as an assistant in the financial unit.

In June 2009, after graduating a post-bachelor study in financial controlling, she started working as the financial controller in TB CAP and is now continuing in this position in TB CARE I.


Financial Officer

Ann Mbugua graduated from HES Amsterdam School of Business in 2007.

Since 2007 she has worked in 2 different financial accounting positions before joining the TB CARE I project management team in January 2011.


Financial Officer

Koraisah Joeman graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2010.

Since 2010 she has worked for 2 years as an auditor before joining KNCV in January 2013.


Project Officer - Country Support

After graduation at University of Cardiff in Journalism Studies in December 2002 Andrée Willemse started to work for the Cape Times in Cape Town as journalist and carried out a six months research assignment at the South African humanitarian aid organization Catholic Welfare and Development.

Back in The Netherlands in 2004 she was employed by emergency aid organization Médecins Sans Frontières Holland (MSF-H) as an HRD Assistant organizing trainings for MSF-H staff.

In 2007 she joined the KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation to take up the position of Project Officer in the Program Management Unit of TB CAP. In this position she is responsible for day to day project management within TB CARE I.


Project Officer - Core/Regional Support

After working in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Aids prevention, both in Europe and Latin America, Mischa Heeger joined the PMU as senior staff officer in 2002, when the TBCTA coalition had just started. She holds a BA in Gender studies, studied Latin America culture and languages and holds an MSc in Sociology, specialized in Organizations and Management.

Her strong emphasis on social mobilization and community participation within TB Control resulted in her involvement in the STOP TB subgroup on ACSM in 2005. She has supported countries in development with their ACSM strategy and Global Fund application on ACSM.

In 2007 she left PMU to live in the Caribbean and worked as a free lance consultant and interim manager on Aids programmes in Latin America.

On her return from the Caribbean in 2012, she rejoined PMU as a project officer.


Project Officer - Country Support

Natalia Andreeva has been with KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation since 2008 as a Project Officer and joined PMU in August 2014.

During her previous assignments Natalia gained a lot of experience in managing daily operations of KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation both for TB CAP and TB CARE I programs. She was the main point of contact for country offices when challenges or questions arise with any administrative issues and has served as the main link between the field activities and HQ management.

In addition to the international activities, she was also facilitating administration, work planning, control, reporting and monitoring of KNCV's internal processes.


Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Based at the Management Sciences for Health (MSH) office in Boston,USA.

Claire Moodie was a Project Officer for MSH on TB CAP and then transitioned to providing technical assistance to TB CAP, TB CARE I and TB IQC projects on M&E, surveillance, management information systems and TB/HIV collaboration.

Before joining MSH, she worked for the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia and was seconded to the Massachusetts TB Control Program for 2 years where she got her feet in the world of TB. Claire has an MPH from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and also spent 2 years in Benin as part of the Peace Corps.


Knowledge Exchange Officer

After graduating with a degree in Chemistry, Tristan went on to have a varied career ranging from HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health Education to working as a technician for Adobe Systems.

With a wide range of experience in electronic publishing, website building and graphic design, he worked on the previous TB CAP project producing books and publications and undertakes similar responsibilities in the new TB CARE I project. He is responsible for communications, building/maintaining and updating this website and the programs social media accounts, as well as creating graphics and editing/laying out publications, newsletters and reports.


Technical Officer - Infection Control

Dr. Max Meis is a public health expert who has worked extensively in developing countries before he joined TB CAP / TB CARE I as TB Infection Control (IC) Officer in 2009. He started his international career in Malawi where he worked from 1982-1987 as a medical doctor.

Thereafter he worked in the Dutch public health system until 2005 when he returned to Africa as Public Health Advisor for the private not-for-profit sector.Working in TB CAP/ TB CARE I, he provided technical assistance to several countries, in both Africa and Asia, implementing and scaling-up IC interventions, including for TB, as well as building partnerships and networks for integrated Infection Prevention and Control.


Technical Officer - Universal Access

Sara Massaut has over 15 years experience in Public Health with 7 years specifically in TB. She began her career working on Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS focusing specifically on young people. She worked at the Rutgers Nisso Group an Expert Centre on Sexuality in the Netherlands for the international project Youth Incentives.

In 2004, she became the Senior Project Officer in the project management unit of the TBCTA, TB CAP and now TB CARE I. She participates in several technical activities, such as coordinating the development of QUOTE TB Light and the Patient Centered Approach Package. She is also a Core member of the TB and Poverty Sub working group and has a B.A. in Sociology from George Mason University and an MSc from the University of Amsterdam


Technical Officer - Laboratories

Kathleen England is a TB diagnostics specialist with a strong background in laboratory management. Through her postdoctoral training at NIH she began to work as a TB diagnostic implementer and trainer for the new clinical trial program in Zhengzhou, China and subsequently in TB laboratory development, training, and advisory activities with Médecins Sans Frontières at the National TB Reference Laboratory in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. She has worked as laboratory technical advisor for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea National TB Program, working with partners to assist with lab strengthening, capacity building, national lab expansion activities, strategic planning for PMDT patient monitoring activities, surveillance design and implementation, and guidance to the NTRL as they process through the stepwise GLI laboratory accreditation program.

She joined TB CARE I in February 2014 as Laboratory Technical Officer and provides technical assistance to countries in the planning and implementation of laboratory interventions.